Airdrop that Hamster Token!

Pump or Dump?

As you know there are 2 types of Hamster Game NFTs:

  • Pump (Moon Background Trait)
  • Dump (Dusk Background Trait)

Each time owner sells an NFT, the platform gets a signal to either buy or sell Hamster Game Token on our platform. The more player sells NFTs, the bigger is an influence on the token price and amount of tokens that player will earn. For example:

  • Hamster Game’s collection floor price is 0.5 ETH
  • Player A has 1 Hamster NFT (Pump type)
  • Player A sells 1 Hamster NFT for 1 ETH
  • When the NFT is sold, it activates a signal to raise the price of the Hamster Game Token. If the NFT was the Dump type, then the price would be dumping
  • If Player A sells 1 Hamster NFT for 0.49999999 ETH (floor price is 0.5 ETH), then no signal will be sent and token price remains stable
  • For each trade above or equal to the collection’s floor price, player A will receive tokens during the airdrop event or via token claiming feature on the Hamster Game website
Say “Hello” to my little friend!

How many tokens will players get during the Airdrop event?

There are 3 parameters that will be used in order to calculate the amount of tokens that you will receive during the airdrop event:

  • Quantity — the amount of tokens that player holds during the snapshot
  • Quality — the amount of NFT trades
  • Profit — the average profit from all sales

The important thing is that players must hold at least 1 NFT during the snapshot in order to get tokens.

So let’s calculate how many tokens you might get:

  • Quantity (Q) — you hold 7 Hamster Game NFTs
  • Quality — performed 19 sales of NFT Pump (P) and 10 of NFT Dump (D * 1.5)
  • Profit (Pr) — average is 200%

Now we use these values in the formula:

Hamster Game Token = 7 * (19 * (10*1.5)) = 1995 = (1995 * 200%) + 1995 = 5,985 Hamster Game Tokens

The full formula looks like this:

Hamster Game Token = ((Q * (P * (D * 1.5))) * Pr) + (Q * (P * (D * 1.5)))

Hamster Game!

As you can see the NFT Dump trading is more profitable, but brings the token price down too much. If a lot of people sell it. But do not worry, there is always the Pump around the corner. Hamsters know their drill.

So what?!

Well, apart from the fact that you traded with an average profit of 200%, these are free tokens that you will be able to use for a liquidity mining. Which means you can get more Tokens and ETH for each NFT trade performed by all the Hamster Game players. Almost like on any Decentralized Exchange.

What about the token claiming feature?

Yes! For those of you who will keep trading (flipping) Hamster Game NFTs, there will be a feature activated on our platform. Works almost the same way as the Airdrop, but indefinite. Any time.

Sounds like a cycle…

Like a wheel, yeah!

  • Buy/Sell NFTs = Pump/Dump token price
  • Earn tokens (Airdrop & Claiming)
  • Farm yield for Token/ETH pair
  • Collect rare Hamsters. Look at them! They all look rare:
Looks rare!

What now?

Now, we are giving away MinTicks. 9,000 of them. MinTicks are NFTs that gives access to mint at least 2 Hamster NFTs for free. For more info read this article:

Join our socials to get your MinTick NFT and be among the first ones who got in the Hamster Game community.



MinTick NFT:




Trade-2-Earn game. Trade Hamsters — Earn tokens!

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Trade-2-Earn game. Trade Hamsters — Earn tokens!

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