Hamsters are NFTs?? No, Hamsters are Trading NFTs! (Part 2)


In the Part 1 of the series “Hamster Game Trading NFTs” we shed some light on the question: “what are the Trading NFTs?”

Shortly, these are usual NFTs but with hidden trading powers. Each one of them has such. These powers become activated the moment people buy\sell NFTs on the marketplaces like Open Sea.

What are these “powers”?

Hamster Game’s NFT owners earn on flipping and also get tokens for an executed transactions. But people are not the only traders in this scheme. Because the Hamsters (NFT) can perform buying/selling too. There is a difference though. They trade the project’s token in pair with Ethereum. The same token that you will earn for each NFT flip.

This is how it works in depth!

Let’s assume that you got yourself some Hamsters either during the free mint period or the Public Sale. And that’s your new NFT collection:

Hamster NFT. Pump Type
Hamster NFT. Dump Type

Looks rare. But both of them have something more than visual traits. Yes, the trading powers! According to the table of powers, you might get one of these values:

Here you can see 2 tables for each type of Hamster NFT. Left one is for the Pump type. On the right is the Dump type. The left column represents the amount of NFTs for each type. And the trading powers are in the right column. When a Hamster is sold, one these values become activated and changes the token price on the Hamster Game platform. That one:

Preview of the Hamster Game website prototype

Imagine that your first Hamster (Pump Type) has the trading powers of 3%. And the Dump type Hamster has the powers of 7%. That means, if you sell the Pump Hamster it will lift the current token price up by 3% on the website. On the other hand, the token price will be dumped by 7% if you sell your Dump Hamster.

Don’t forget that for each trade you will get tokens. The exact amount will be based on the type of trade that you performed. For example, selling the Dump NFT will generate more tokens than the Pump NFT.

To get to know more details about the token claiming and airdrop event, take a look at one of our previous articles:

However, this scheme mostly works for the Phase 1 of the Hamster Game project. And there are more to talk about it. Same goes for the Phase 2 and further updates. Stay fresh, be the Hamster and join our socials. We are highly active there:

Discord: https://discord.gg/uGs4myAvkU

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HamsterGameNft

MinTick NFT: https://opensea.io/collection/mintick




Trade-2-Earn game. Trade Hamsters — Earn tokens! https://hamster.game/

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Trade-2-Earn game. Trade Hamsters — Earn tokens! https://hamster.game/

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