Hamsters, Tokens and Two Smoking MinTicks

Chapter 1 “Hamsters”

Do you really know who the Hamsters are? Well, yeah these are the cute animals who eat, sleep and rave inside their wheels. However, not a lot of people are aware of the fact, that hamsters can trade. If you do not believe us, check this article:

Sadly, Mr.Goxx died in the end of November of 2021. He was a successful trader (better than most of human beings) and his life path inspired us to develop the Hamster Game.

You see, trading is the game by all means. While people execute buy/sell orders they choose a side and establish who their rivals are. The main goal is to beat others in that game and get a reward for yourself. Since this trading game is basically the projection of a human psychology, it literally has no obvious sign of ending soon (DYOR). So we can just keep going. And we will. Because we are not a club of BORED hamsters.

So what does it mean? It means that we have problems:

  • Crypto Trading is very old school (Yes!); same outdated tools that proved their efficiency on manipulating traditional market. Doesn’t work for Hamsters!
  • Really, it’s no fun to watch the charts. At first yes, maybe. But then you just get used to it, because you saw no better. Doesn’t work for Hamsters!
  • Fundamental or tech analysis….great! Especially when you are the one who develop and produce unexpected events. Doesn’t work for Hamsters!
  • NFT trading is incredibly slow and illiquid. Yeah, fun in some ways. But doesn’t work for Hamsters! We won’t be BORED!

Chapter 2 “Tokens”

Let’s forget about the negative side of these problems and focus on the solutions that Hamster Game is offering:

  • Make trading fun! By combining NFTs and crypto tokens together. Turn NFTs into token traders and reward NFT traders with tokens. That’s called Trade-2-Earn! Earn on NFT flipping and get free tokens.
  • Let NFT owners decide what should be the token initial price. How? By trading NFTs. Hamsters will be pumping or dumping accordingly and the token initial price will be moving before it’s even deployed.
  • Let NFT owners decide what should be the name of the token. Welcome to our Discord!
  • Lock trading powers and tokens inside smart contracts and let only Hamsters to take control. While they will be owned by you!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because the main actions will be taken on the Hamster Game website. Which won’t be a typical “Please mint our NFT”, but the trading platform. With stylish design, chart animations and a new way of trading (not the OpenSea way). That’s our Phase 5 of which we will be talking more in February….wait…somebody said “Launchpad”….?!

Anyways, if Hamsters are mini-spaceships, then Tokens are the fuel cartridges which will be projecting value throughout the Hamster Game’s path. There are so many things that we need to tell you…including the “Launchpad” and…ok, later then!

Chapter 3 “Two Smoking MinTicks”

Most of you know that we decided to cancel WL within our community. There is an article about it. Check it out:

Long story short:

  • Hamster Game has 10,000 NFTs that will minted for free
  • In order to mint free, you will need at least 2 MinTick NFTs
  • 2 MinTick = 2 Hamsters, 3 MinTick = 3 Hamsters etc.
  • MinTick is a free NFT that you can get in our Discord server for participating in different contests and even casino games
  • Less then a half of MinTicks left (04/01/2022)

And here is our latest news regarding the MinTicks. When you claim free Hamsters for MinTick, you will send out current MinTick and receive MinTick OG. Which will be highly useful. Since only MinTick OG’s owners will be able to claim additional tokens. During the Phase 4 and to eternity. No staking, just holding. Probably MinTick OG is the only NFT asset that you need to hold. Hamsters should be flipped!

More info will be revealed in the upcoming articles. We hope you are getting to know the Hamster Game better. If you have any questions, just contact us in Twitter or Discord.

Discord: https://discord.gg/uGs4myAvkU

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HamsterGameNft

MinTick: https://opensea.io/collection/mintick




Trade-2-Earn game. Trade Hamsters — Earn tokens! https://hamster.game/

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Trade-2-Earn game. Trade Hamsters — Earn tokens! https://hamster.game/

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