Trade-2-Earn Concept — What Does It Really Mean?

The idea of trading has been an age-long practice started millenniums ago. The first recorded trading activities were by itinerant merchants who moved from place to place to sell their wares while also generating income for themselves and boosting the economy.

Trading has taken a lot of dimensions over the last centuries and now anyone can easily log into their mobile app and buy a company’s stock with the hope of generating a profit. But this process is often cumbersome, difficult to learn and almost a bore to many users.

What has changed the whole narrative? Cryptocurrencies. Starting with the singular idea contained in Satoshi Nakamoto’s 2008 whitepaper, cryptocurrencies have gone on to redefine a number of industries and sectors. Using blockchain, these digital assets allow users to perform a number of functions while genuinely enjoying the experience.

One of the most impacted areas of the global economy is the gaming market. Prior to crypto’s growth, gamers were subject to the whims of centralized platforms. They generated low incomes with the operator taking a large chunk of their revenue and they oftentimes could be barred by the platform or streaming medium they use without due recourse.

Cryptocurrencies have birthed the idea of keeping a large chunk of the revenue you generate from playing games and your community followership while still giving you unlimited control.

This concept is what is now called the Play-2-Earn (P2E) gaming model. P2E is the next step in the evolution of the gaming industry as it allows for the integration of crypto-economics into the rapidly expanding virtual reality landscape. Classical examples are blockchain-based gaming protocols Axie Infinity and The Sandbox, which allow users to retain ownership of their assets and generate huge incomes.

While P2E may be a dream come true for many, there is always something better, something much more unique that can be made to address crucial pain points and bottlenecks. Here is what has formed the Trade-2-Earn (T2E) from the stable of Hamster Game.

Trade-2-Earn — Dream Come True

If you are just coming across this concept, you may be thinking of Trade-2-Earn in a traditional sense where you buy an asset low and sell high for a profit. But this is not really the case here.

T2E is an entirely redefined and broad rethink innovation by the Hamster Game protocol. Understanding the pain points of clunky indicators and hard-to-decrypt technical data, the Hamster Game team are creating an entirely new ecosystem where users get to trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to earn newly minted tokens.

Here, Hamster NFTs are traders creating a new spin both to NFTs and the concept of trading. The Hamster Game brings a gamified trading flow to NFTs making it fun, adventurous for anyone to enter into crypto and NFTs. Players get to unilaterally flip Pump and Dump Hamster NFTs. These trades impact the price action of the Hamster Game Token causing it to fall or rise in respect to the particular NFT traded at a particular time.

Broken down, this is what the Hamster Game is all about;

  • Trade NFTs and earn tokens on every transaction
  • Each Pump or Dump NFT comes with trading powers that can be unlocked when a trade is executed
  • The more tokens you are able to trade, the more reward in ETH

The Hamster Game is built on layer-2 scaling solution Polygon which transmutes to lower gas fees, high throughput, and better overall user experience. The Hamster Game NFT are 20,000 NFT collectibles and early players will be able to share from the 10,200 airdrops while 9,800 NFTs will be publicly sold to the public.

Many NFT projects encourage users to buy their projects while promising that digital collectibles will increase in the future. This is often not the case and several investors will see their token value dip. Hamster Game allows you to earn from your initial NFTs by trading them.

The process is quite simple, much like buying and selling NFTs on marketplaces. Just trade the Hamster Game NFT collection on OpenSea. Also, visit the Hamster Game website to view your token rewards when you trade Hamster NFTs.








Trade-2-Earn game. Trade Hamsters — Earn tokens!

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Trade-2-Earn game. Trade Hamsters — Earn tokens!

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